a sandstone sealing tip from Patricelli Tile

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I have written a number of posts about sealing stone and often emphasize the importance of sealing your stone to ensure it ages gracefully, however when it is sandstone the “gracefull aging” sometimes has a little more to it.

 Martin PatricelIi   who has been installing tile in Seattle for years gave me a few tips on sealing sandstone for both exterior and interior applications. To his knowledge sandstone actually needs to be pre-sealed—laid out before installation and sealed so as not to be affected by setting materials and grease from handling—and sealed after installation. 

Patricelli also warned, some sealers do not do well with UV light, but he believes Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice/Sealer’s Choice Gold and Mira Seal’s Porous Plus are sealants that can withstand the UV rays in an exterior application.

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2 Responses to “a sandstone sealing tip from Patricelli Tile”

  1. We just installed the Sandstone tile, however, after we installed almost 75% of the room and we opened the last box, we found the instruction. It stated that we should not use water-based mortar. Now, the water was penetrated to the top of the tile and leaving some stain on the top. Is it a way to clean out this type of stain ? or it will dry out by itself ? Any suggestions ?

  2. We had a stone expert recommend setting up a de-humidifier for a few days to wick the moisture out of the stone. Seemed to work on the last project.